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NCYRU High Performance

NCYRU High Performance Camp

As the multi high school and single high school rugby seasons are coming to an end we are kicking off our 2015 All Star program. We are going to provide a tryout and practice system that will not interfere with your league season and will  make the most sense.

Below I have detailed some key points in regard to the program this year.  What I see as being some "keys to success" as a group will be to get the maximum number of players and coaches to participate in this event.  The goal for many players might be to play in the High School All American program, for others it might to test their skill against the best players from other states and for others it might be to showcase their skill with the hopes of getting scholarship money to attend college.  Whatever the desire the program has proven benefits and rewards for all those who participate.  On the coaching front the program has really helped out with coaching development.  The assemblies have given coaches with different levels of experience a chance to interact and see different styles of rugby.

Selection Camps:
Players wishing to participate in the NCYRU High School All-star Program will need to attend two selection camps - one in Greensboro on April 19 from 12-3 PM and another at locations around Charlotte and Raleigh on May 3.

Assembly dates:

  • April 19- NC Selection Assembly 1: Greensboro

  • May 3 - NC Assembly 2: Location 1 Charlotte Area TB

    • Location 2 Raleigh Area TBD   

  • May 17, May30 - NC Training Assemblies - Greensboro

  • June 7- NC Training Assembly and JV/Varsity Game - Greensboro

  • June 13-14 –Regional All-Star Tournament or Scrimmage against another All-Star team

  • June 21-22 - Regional All-Star Tournament (date for Regional All-Star tournament is still up in the air)‚Äč

Tournament Location:

This years tournament is being held in Charlotte at the Rugby Athletic Center.  The date was June 13 and 14 but that will conflict with the Olympic 7s trials being held in Raleigh.  So the tournament organizers are looking at the following weekend.  I should get clarification this week and pass this information along to the group.  With the tournament being held in Charlotte I think this is big for our state in terms of rugby exposure.

Players who do not play in the NCYRU for an NCYRU CIPP Registered team are NOT ELIGIBLE to play for the NC All-Stars and should play for the state in which they compete during the season. If, for some reason, the state does not field a team within their age-grade, players may request to join the NC All-stars in order to play in their age group and be seen by USA HSAA scouts. These requests should be submitted to the HP Director and will be vetted in concert with the NCYRU Executive Committee.

Coaching Philosophy

My goal is to constantly create a competitive environment, an environment where each player has to put in hard work, and an environment where the players understand that putting a team goal first could eventually lead to individual honors.  My key focus is on fundamental skills and the continued improvement and development of these skills.  I am also looking to improve game awareness/ game sense and provide an overall game plan that will allow players to play in a pattern of team play that will afford them the chance when the time is right to express their own individual athletic ability.  I am also looking to teach players that the skills they learn from rugby can be transferred into everyday life.  

NC All-Stars and logistics

I have reached out to a couple people that are starting to put together things for the program.  We can always use additional people especially for assembly and days of the tournament.  Please contact one of the following at  or  or  if you have an interest in being a volunteer. 

Coach Selections:
In the interest of giving all interested coaches the opportunity to participate as coaches in the All-star program, but also to build a cohesive team to best serve the interests of the players, the April 13 and May 4 selection assemblies will serve as coach selection assemblies as well. Coaches interested in being considered as all-star coaches should plan on attending these sessions and send an email stating their interest to . If possible, please include a brief coaching resume and statement of coaching philosophy.

Even after the final coaching team is appointed all coaches will be welcome to attend the remainder of the assemblies to observe, ask questions, and share insights.

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