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NCYRU High Performance Camp

The North Carolina High Performance Program will look to field three All-Star teams this spring to compete in the Regional All-Star Tournaments hosted by USA Rugby in June - Varsity (11th and 12th Grade), JV (9th and 10th Grade), and Middle School (7th and 8th grade).

Selection to these teams will be based on in-season performance for a team playing in a North Carolina Youth Rugby sanctioned competition - either High School Teams, High School Clubs, or U-15 and/or performance in the Selection and High Performance assemblies.

Selection Camps:
Players wishing to participate in the NCYRU High School All-star Program will need to attend two selection camps - one at Wake Forest University on April 13 from 12-3 PM and another at locations around Charlotte and Raleigh on May 4.

Assembly dates:

  • April 13- NC HP Selection Assembly 1: Wake Forest University
  • May 4 - NC HP Assembly 2:
    • Location 1 Charlotte Area TBD
    • Location 2 Raleigh Area TBD
  • May 18, May31- NC HP Training Assemblies - Wake Forest University
  • June 7- NC HP Training Assembly and JV/Varsity Game - Wake Forest University
  • June 14 - NC All-stars JV and Varsity Training Games v. South Carolina All-Stars
  • June 21-22 - Regional All-Star Tournament

Players who do not play in the NCYRU for an NCYRU CIPP Registered team are NOT ELIGIBLE to play for the NC All-Stars and should play for the state in which they compete during the season. If, for some reason, the state does not field a team within their age-grade, players may request to join the NC All-stars in order to play in their age group and be seen by USA HSAA scouts. These requests should be submitted to the HP Director and will be vetted in concert with the NCYRU Executive Committee.

HP Scouts will be attending HS and HS Club games throughout February and March.

Coach Selections:
In the interest of giving all interested coaches the opportunity to participate as coaches in the All-star program, but also to build a cohesive team to best serve the interests of the players, the April 13 and May 4 selection assemblies will serve as coach selection assemblies as well. Coaches interested in being considered as all-star coaches should plan on attending these sessions and send an email stating their interest to . If possible, please include a brief coaching resume and statement of coaching philosophy.

Even after the final coaching team is appointed all coaches will be welcome to attend the remainder of the assemblies to observe, ask questions, and share insights.