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Reminders from Kurt Weaver

02/19/2016, 9:15am EST
By Ilkenhons

A few reminders leading into HS seasons for your leagues, teams and clubs. I know you have heard this before, but it bears reminding as we have seen some matches played missing required items. Please let us know if you have questions around any item and enjoy your rugby.

1.      Medical Coverage is required for all HS matches in the USA, friendly and league play. Check with your state organization as to the detail of this requirement (Referee should not start match until medical is present)

2.      Technical Zones are required for all HS league matches in the USA. (see the TZ requirements at Referee should not start match until TZ’s are present and in use and both teams are on the same side of the field)

3.      Squeeze Ball is illegal for all HS and Youth rugby. (this was illegal last year as well, just a reminder)

4.      Fends to the head/neck/face are illegal for HS and Youth rugby. A legal fend used to be allowed if done correctly, but any contact with the head/neck/face is now liable for penalty. (this is new for 2016)

Thank you for your consideration and enjoy the spring season!

Kurt Weaver - Youth & High School Director